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About Neighborhood I.T.

A client-first Managed Service Provider with a laser-focus on security, delivered with usability in mind.

Our service-oriented attitude means our clients needs come first. We have engineered our stack of tools and services to ensure technology works for the business, helps you grow without slowing you down.

Our refined stack of tools and services is designed to prevent problems and breaches. This ensures that technology enables the business, keeping people productive and expanding your capabilities.

Training and Education to propel your workforce

NeighborhoodIT strives to help make your staff the best they can be. Our services include continuing education in common technology products whether in-person or via high-quality online courses. Technology is always changing, let us help your staff keep up with the latest changes.

Security isn't only about protecting devices. People become the most common attack vector by social engineering and phishing campaigns. Our modern security awareness training program is informative and entertaining, ensuring the material is easily absorbed and relevant to the current threat landscape.

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