Data Protection

Data Backup and Data Protection Services

Quality backups are the core of any technology strategy. The paradigm has changed and the old standard strategies are vulnerable to ransomware and exploitation.

Our modern approach ensures that encrypted, offsite, air-gapped backups on immutable storage are untouchable by threat actors. We'll work together to build a solid Business Continuity plan to ensure your business' ability ride out any disaster, whether physical or digital.

Data Loss Prevention is another layer in the defense of your company's data. Monitoring for data exfiltration and insider threats is as important as watching for external threats. We'll leverage best-in-class tools to ensure your data stays right where it belongs.

Business Continuity

Whether subject to environmental hazards, physical theft and destruction, or digital attack, data loss can happen to the most prepared organizations. The ability to get back on your feet and back to work is what really defines a data protection strategy.

  • BCDR Planning: Having a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan in place is the crucial to what comes next.
  • Automatic recovery on-prem or in the cloud: If a single server or entire environment goes down, we can automatically spin up your backups in a virtual environment to keep the business rolling.
  • Recovery: When the local issue has been resolved, we can restore the virtual environment back to its original location with all changes saved.

Let us remove the stress of having an incomplete data protection plan.

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